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Business Loan

Business Loan

Everybody has a dream to pursue so as you and I, to make dreams come true setting up a best business will be the first step. To envision any business, money plays a major role which when sourced as a loan comes as a boon to one who cherishes his dream. We, the Loan Trust team understand your concerns on business loans and have made the best possible strategies to get business loans hassle free. Business loans comes in different ways to get through like applying online, unsecured, small and medium, for women to empower her.

Features and Benefits of Business Loans

If you are you a self-motivated entrepreneur whose aim is to turn your passion into practicality and looking to establish and develop your small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), we are here to give you business loans.

In the current scenario in India, SMEs are in continuous need of funds to expand their businesses, meet working capital needs, or make best possible use of business opportunities. Business loans from LoanTrust can provide an optimal solution to meet such financial requirements.

Business loans, besides their obvious benefit of the right funds at the right time, bear several benefits that make their choice a good one. Quick glance on the benefits of availing a business loan for expansion:

Assists in the cash flow

Business loans can be either utilized to enhance revenues or to achieve competitive edge. So a company may look to open a new division or initiate a marketing drive. You can choose a short- or long-term financing, small loan or large, whichever works suits for you. The plan is that the income generated from such avenues goes towards paying back of the loans, and leaves a neat sum for you to use otherwise. You get to achieve your business goal without burning your pocket.

Banks are generally the first choice when it comes to applying for business loans. Business loans depend on their availability for regular and long-term customers. Though it is tough to get a business loan sanctioned, you feel highly satisfied with lower interest rates.

Trouble free and swift Business Loan process

Digital lending platforms market providing business loans, which work well for the borrower as well as the lender. The business loan processes are simple, affable and hassle-free. Loan trust offers small business loans in a simple electronic process, ensuring ulterior customer experience.

Small and Medium Enterprises needs (SME and MSME Loans)

Business loans can give a vital boost to your company in a practical way. Banks believe in the uniqueness of every business, and provide a wide range of flexible, tailor-made loan products that cater to the specific business needs of SMEs in India. You can choose the right option that meets your requirements.

The repayment options are equally flexible. Based on your business loan needs, most lending companies provide you business loans ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 crore for different tenures. SMEs taking business loans against receivables can repay it in a single “bullet” installment at maturity, while those taking unsecured loans can repay through EMIs.

Required documents to apply Business Loan

  • PAN Card – For Company/Firm/Individual
  • ID proof – Passport/Voter ID/ Aadhar or drivers licence
  • Residence Proof – Passport/ Landline bill/ Post paid Mobile bill/ Rental agreement or Bank Statement
  • Bank Statement - 6 months bank statements
  • Latest ITR along with computation of income, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account for the previous two years, after being CA Certified/Audited
  • Proof of continuation (ITR/Trade license/Establishment/Sales Tax Certificate)
  • Other Mandatory Documents [Sole Prop. Declaration Or Certified Copy of Partnership Deed, Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association (certified by Director) & Board resolution (Original)]

Eligibility criteria for business loan

The people who are eligible to apply for a Business Loan:

  • Self employed individuals, Proprietors, Private Ltd. Co. and Partnership firms concerned in the business of Manufacturing, Trading or Services.
  • The company should have a minimum turnover of 3 Lakhs per month
  • Individuals who have been in the current company for a minimum of three years, with five years of total business experience.
  • Those whose business has been profit making for the previous two years
  • Other Mandatory Documents [Sole Prop. Declaration Or Certified Copy of Partnership Deed, Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association (certified by Director) & Board resolution (Original)]
  • The business should have a Minimal Annual Income (ITR) of 30 Lakhs, applicant should be at least 21 years at the time of applying for the loan and should be less than 65 years at the time of loan completion

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Business Loan Rate of Interest

BANK/NBFC Interest Rate(pa) Loan Amount Processing Fees
HDFC Bank 15.50% - 18.30% Rs. 50 Lakhs Max 0.99% onwards. Max 2.50%
ICICI Bank 12.90% - 16.65% Rs. 40 Lakhs Max 0.99% onwards. Up to 2%
Axis Bank 15.50% to 24% Rs. 50 Lakhs Max Up to 2%
RBL Bank 20.00% - onwords Rs. 10 Lakhs Max Upto 3%
Bajaj Finserv 18% onwards Rs. 30 Lakhs Max Up to 2%
Fullerton India 16.00% onwards Rs. 50 Lakhs Max Up to 2%
Tata Capital 18.00% onwards Rs. 50 lakhs Max 1.50% to 2.50%

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonails

Loan Trust made me feel like a valued customer and I feel empowered to chart my own path after receiving my loan through Loan Trust. Many thanks!!!

Akash Mehta
Customer Testimonails

LoanTrust service was very user-friendly service and had quick response time. On call support was truly helpful which expedited the process and gave me confidence. Support staff was well equipped to answer my questions. Also, my loan was paid out the next day. That was fabulous!!

M.S. Suresh
Customer Testimonails

I was impressed with the convenience and very helpful customer service. The approval process was streamlined and not complicated

Customer Testimonails

Loan Trust is very efficient, very quick and very reasonable with the interest rate

Customer Testimonails

The process was smooth. I would highly recommend Loan Trust to anyone looking for financial assistance

Gita Kumari

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Business loan is an unsecured loan, no need to give any security to get business loan.

A. This is taken into account at the time of disbursal of the loan. You can pay through Standing Instructions to debit the EMI amount

A. Once you submit your application form and supporting documents, we shall give disbursal within 10 working days provided everything is in order. All loan approvals are at the sole discretion of the bank.

A. Yes, you can choose to repay your loan anytime after 6 months of taking the loan and after you have paid 06 EMIs along with applicable foreclosure charges.

A. Post Dated Cheques(PDCs)/Security Cheques submitted towards loan repayment that have not been encashed, will be defaced and retained by the Bank.

A. A service charge is applicable for changes in loan repayment instructions.

A. In the event that you wish to change the mode of repayment/bank account for your loan repayment, you may visit our office

A. You can avail of a loan from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 1 Crore depending on your income, repayment capacity and respective location product cap.

A. You pay the loan in equal monthly installments (EMIs). The loan will be paid through post-dated cheques.

A. You can repay your loan over a period of 12 months to 60 months.