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Credit Card

Credit Card

Credit card is a payment card used to pay a merchant for goods and services based cardholder’s promise to repay the amount utilized from the bank with other charges which are applicable.

Bank that issues a card to customer will have a revolving account which enables the customer to utilize the amount and repay on-time.

How to apply credit card online?

Nowdays, applying credit card online is very easy process. Just fill the enquiry form and submit in our website. Once we received your detials one of our executive will call and explain the complete information about the card. You will get multiple options to choose the best card in the industry. Once you select the card our executive will come and collect the documentation and application formalities at your doorstep. Once the card is approved you will receive your card in 48 hours.

Eligibility criteria for applying credit card

  • Applicant should meet the age criteria of the Bank for them to assess repayment capacity. Minimum age is 21 years and Maximum age is 60 years
  • Regular income source should meet the requirements of bank. Income source is important to identify the maximum credit limit to be given to customer
  • Applicant must have good credit score and should not be defaulter

Required documents to apply Credit Card

  • One passport size photographs
  • ID proof – Passport/Voter ID/ Aadhar or drivers licence
  • Residence Proof – Passport/ Landline bill/ Post paid Mobile bill/ Rental agreement or Bank Statement
  • Pan Card copy
  • Income Proof - Latest 3 months salary slips
  • Bank Statement - 6 months bank statements

Features/Benefits of Credit card

  • Alternative to cash
  • Credit limit
  • Payment in domestic and foreign currency
  • Records of all transactions
  • Regular charges
  • Grace period & Bonus points
  • Gifts and other offers

Our Banking Partners

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Factors affecting Eligibility Criteria

  • Income of the applicant – It is very important to check repayment capacity
  • Existing relationship with the bank – If customer is already having savings account then it is easy for bank to track transactions
  • Past credit history – poor track of repayment for bills in the past
  • Age of the applicant - Age defines repayment capacity

Things to know about credit cards

  • Different cards to choose from – Customer should choose the card as per their regular transactions
  • There’s no perfect number of credit cards you should have – Customer can have many cards based on their transactions
  • You must understand your card’s interest rates - It is very important to know interest rates as rates may differ from bank to bank and late payment may burn customer’s pocket
  • Comparing cards is vital – Compare cards from different banks to make sure to get the best deal in terms of interest rates and maximum credit limit
  • The contract is binding – Once customer signs the agreement they are legally bound to rules and regulations by the bank. Few points regarding rules
    • Credit line/limit
    • Annual percentage rate (APR)
    • Interest calculation method
    • Fixed or variable APR
    • Grace period
    • Fees

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonails

Hassle free, professional attitude, would highly recommend this company if u want credit card. Best part I liked was full transparency and professionalism.

Customer Testimonails

I would recommend Yes bank credit card Simply click to everyone who shops online it is great. Thanks to LoanTrust for getting me this card.

Krishna kumar
Customer Testimonails

I was not sure whether to get a credit card in the first place. Loantrust's executive told me the benefits of it and why it could be good for me. I am happy with the service.

Customer Testimonails

There are better websites than Loantrust I would say. But they are doing a good job. Executives are helpful and friendly.

Customer Testimonails

It has been a wonderful journey with Loantrust. My family relies on this website for any financial requirement- credit cards, loans and investments.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. An annual fee is one of the most common credit card fees. It is automatically charged to your credit card every year.

A. Yes, but it is not advisable to withdraw cash as interest rate is very high

A. Yes, Credit limit will be increased by bank looking at your credit score and regular transactions.

A. A secured credit card is backed by secured payment used as collateral on the account.

Cashback credit cards will give back a percentage of your purchase in cash when you use your card.

Rewards credit cards earn points for every purchase made and can be redeemed by purchasing a product

A. Age, Credit score, Regular income source

A. Premium credit cards offer a wide range of benefits. These cards are loaded with benefits across multiple expense categories. These cards help you save money by enhancing your finances and offering rewards.

A. Credit card balance transfer is the transfer of the outstanding debt (the balance) in a credit card account to an account held at another credit card company

A. Yes

A. When customer loses his card or if it gets stolen, he must inform the bank immediately in order to deactivate card and avoid fraud. Liability fee on a lost or stolen card is payable on the expenses incurred during the period between the loss and customer informing the bank.

A. Yes, credit card comes with specific cash withdrawal limits

A. Minimum amount due is the amount that has to be paid

A. Credit card bill can be paid by connecting the card details to savings account of the same bank or through NEFT/RTGS/Cheque of different banks.

A. Credit Limit is maximum amount that can be utilized by a card holder. For Ex – If a person has credit limit of 1,50,000.00 he can use up to 1,50,000.00 and not more than that.

A. Credit card allows you to purchase a product and gives 40-45 days of time to pay the amount but in debit card you need to have money in the card before you purchase any item.

A. Yes, banks offer protection against fraudulent transactions

A. The credit utilization ratio is the percentage of a borrower’s total available credit that is presently being utilized. Reducing the credit utilization ratio can facilitate a borrower to enhance their credit score.

A. Loan trust is most trusted entity for helping customers to avail loan and credit cards from different banks as per customer’s requirements. Experts in the team have proved to be most effective and efficient in terms of handling customer’s queries which can help in quick disbursement of loan and credit card. Loan trust ensures hassle free process without any hidden processing charges which customers are always worried about.